Monday, January 30, 2006

little discoveries

Well, Santa Cruz was amazing. I met a lot of rad folks out there and good times were shared over alcohol.

I had a lot of time on my hands as I took the Greyhound out from San Francisco to Santa Cruz. So my friend and I frentically traded iPods and searched through each other's library. Here's a couple of songs that we had among our iPods that I never really listened to, but now appreciate.

Fellini - "Rock Europeu" (download)
I had this downloaded from some random blog. I don't know why I hadn't listened to it thoroughly before, but now I'm glad that I have. My friend was initially drawn by it because of the band's name (named after the famous film-maker). To me, this song sounds like the spawn of The Clash and New Order. Can anyone direct me to the band's website or something? I've been googling for hours.

The Rinse - "Rollerskating" (download)
I absolutely love this.

Modest Mouse - "Ocean Breathes Salty" (download)
My friend had their latest album on his iPod. Oh god, I almost forget how good this album is. This and the "Float On" single are gold.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

thunderbirds are now!

Here's a little treat for you guys before I head out. I planned on posting about Thunderbirds Are Now! when I first started this blog. I mildly enjoyed their full-length, Justamustache when I heard it earlier last year and found it somewhat noteworthy. The album, in part had some really solid songs, but for some reason, as a whole, it just didn't do it for me. It's been awhile since I have listened to it thoroughly, so I'm somewhat biased.

Anyways, I came across the band's Necks EP and it totally changed my perspective on the band. Maybe it's the fact that it's five jolting tunes one after another, and it keeps me lingering me for more. There's just some element of excitment in this band that I want to embrace. From what I hear, they put on one hell of a show.

I've posted four tracks off of the EP (there's six songs total on it, but one of them is just an instrumental intro, so you're essentially only missing out on the last track).

+ Featured downloads; "Surrounded By Skanks" - download here, "Bodies Adjust" - download here, "...& The Chocolate Moustache" - download here, "(Patrick Dempsey Remix) Pink Motorcycle Helmet" - download here

If you haven't heard Justamustache, there's a full stream on their website.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

won't be here

This week is turning out really well; I was able to add a silk-screening class to my schedule, and I've been having an enjoyable time at school. I'm also heading to Santa Cruz for the weekend with a couple of my mates, which I'm surely excited for.

Anyways, I won't be here during that time, and seeing as I am swamped with work and such, I've decided to post another bundle of songs for you guys to enjoy. I've been sort of on a punk/hardcore fixation as of recently, as well as some mellow stuff.

» The Red Light Sting - "...And Then I Grew Pubes" (download here)
At one point was I was totally infatuated with this band. A girl that plays synth? Crazy breakdowns? shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. They did an old split EP with Hot Hot Heat (when the band was actually screamo, consisted of only an organ, bass, and drums) that I recommend highly. For fans of Blood Brothers.

» Hot Cross - "Finger Redux" (download here)
One of the first of many Level-Plane bands I really got into. Derived from members of Saetia (probably the most notable screamo band of all time), Hot Cross is on top of their game. A little known fact is that the drummer (which was also the drummer for Saetia) was one of the original members of Interpol.

» Faunts - "Memories Of Places We've Never Been" (download here)
How I forgot to put this on my top ten songs of 2005 is beyond me. Seriously, I love this song. It's so mellow.

» Mighty Six Ninety - "Keeping You In Mind" (download here)
All I can say is thanks Lizzy.

» Nico - "These Days" (download here)
As I kept playing Sparrow House's "When I Am Gone", the intro guitar/melody reminded me of another song I had heard once before. I popped in my Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack, and there it was.

» Of Montreal - "Advice From A Divorced Gentlemen To His Bachelor Friend Considering Marriage" (download here)
My first Of Montreal song I had ever heard. I bought Gay Parade before Sundalandic Twins and I can honestly say that I like/appreciate Gay Parade much much more. It's got a jazzy feel to it, and despite the cheesy lyrical content, I like it.

» Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - "Loop Duplicate My Heart" (download here)
LOL OMG WTF. This song is dorky but I enjoy furiously.

» Ten In The Swear Jar - "Hot Karl" (download here)
Pre-Xiu Xiu album. This is the second track I believe on the record. The drum build-up makes me nod my head.

» Black Eyes - "Deformative" (download here)
While this band only lived a short life (2001 - 2004), they put out two great records. They were signed onto Dischord Records, along with labelmates Q And Not U. I'd say they are on the same boat in terms of music.

Monday, January 23, 2006

pretty girls make graves

I saw Pretty Girls Make Graves play about three years ago on the UC Santa Cruz campus. I hadn't heard of them before that, so I didn't know what to expect. Being the little fourteen year old kid I was, I had virgin ears to such music. It was a free show held by the local radio station and to my surprise had a big draw.

I think this band was a major influence for me and made a big impact to my musical taste shift. Andrea Zollo just has an amazing voice. It really fits the mood and persona the band is trying to emit.

I just recently got a hold of Elan Vital and I'm really disappointed. Who knows, maybe it'll grow on me, but the first listen through I'm not enthusiastic over it. Maybe I'm just too fond of New Romance and Is It Broken Doctor?.

They are playing a free show in Berkeley on February 14th. I'll be there.

+ Featured songs; "Wildcat" - download here, "Speakers Push The Air" - download here, "Chemical, Chemical" - download here

+ Featured video; "All Medicated Genuises" - view here

In other news, Gorilla vs. Bear posted a song from Sparrow House (solo Voxtrot), which I highly recommend. I've been playing it on repeat all day.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I'm pretty sure a lot of you guys listened to the album The Back Room this year. In my opinion, it was one of the years best. Often compared to Interpol, Joy Division, The Smiths and the like, Editors are among my favorite discoveries of 2005. What seperates Editors from the others is the emotionally driven songs. The first track off the album, "Lights" just hooks you in the first few seconds. I find myself holding my breath when the opening vocals come in.

Anyways, I watched their Morning Becomes Eclectic performance last night and it totally got me hyped up. Why may you ask? Because they are performing at Popscene (which is a local indie dance venue in San Francisco) tomorrow night. I might just round up some fellow friends to go see that. If you're attending, please say hi if you see me.

+ Featured songs; "Lights" - download here, "Camera" - download here

+ Featured video; Morning Becomes Eclectic performance - view here

Sunday, January 15, 2006

get him eat him

Ever since I got Get Him Eat Him's new EP Do As I Tell You, I haven't stopped playing it. This shit is good powerpop indie, something I rarely come across. Matt Lemay, the band's guitarist, used to write reviews for Pitchfork, so I'm not surprised. He has good tastes from what I've read.

The EP is currently out of stock online (see here), but I'm pretty sure the band will have copies on tour;

1/15 Dallas, TX - The Cavern
1/16 Oklahoma City, OK - The Conservatory
1/17 Omaha, NE - O'Leavers
1/18 Chicago, IL - Schuba's
1/19 Dayton, OH - Elbo's
1/20 Columbus, OH - Andyman's Treehouse
1/21 Pittsburgh, PA - Wizard Hollow

These are their remaining dates and I highly advise you to go out and see them. They unfortunately are nowhere near California, so I'm not lucky to catch them.

+ Featured songs; "Exposure" - download here, "The Coronation Show" - download here

Saturday, January 14, 2006

fatal flying guilloteens

Fatal Flying Guilloteens, who recently signed to French Kiss Records (Ex-Models, The Hold Steady, Les Savy Fav), have caught my attention this week. Based in Houston, Texas, the spazz punk/hardcore band are quite reminiscent of 31g Records material. They remind me of a mix between The Red Light Sting and The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower; crazy, yet melodic, incoherent, but harmonious. If you talked to me six months ago about this genre, you'd know I was simply nuts over it.

Think harsh and intense rhythm, jarring guitars, and furious vocals (similar to Hot Rod Todd of Le Shok).

+ Featured songs; "10 Degrees Below Fucking" - download here, "Call The Draw" - download here

Add/Visit them on myspace.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

random songs, hiatus

This week is going to be quite hectic for me, so I've decided to take a break from blogging. I'm currently looking for a job so I can possibly move to the city in the summer/fall. Plus, I still have a lot of footage to upload and edit, which I should have gotten around to earlier. Tonight Let's Dance will be on hiatus until I finish my priorities.

So anyhow, I'm prematurely ending the electro/dance features this week. I've upload a little mix for you guys; just random dancing/upbeat tunes. I hope you guys enjoy it.

» Moving Units - "Submission" (song)
» Numbers - "Driving Song (Dat Politics Rendition)" (song)
» Electric Light Orchestra - "Mr. Blue Sky" (song)
» The Faint - "I Disappear" (song)
» M83 - "Fields, Shorelines And Hunters" (song)
» The Cure - "Let's Go To Bed" (song)
» Evelyn "Champagne" King - "Shame" (song)
» Shout Out Louds - "The Comeback (Big Slippa Ratatat Remix)" (song)
» Test Icicles - "Sharks" (song)

Download the whole thing here

Saturday, January 07, 2006


The first time I heard "Seven Years" I was fucking blown. At the time, I wasn't too exposed to dance melodies and electronic music like that and listening to that song made me yearn for more. I immediately picked up their self-titled and was persuaded that this band possessed something special, something amazing.

Ratatat consists of Mike Stroud and Evan Mast. Together, this New York duo write and record upbeat instrumental music. Stuffed with synthesizers and psychedelic guitar harmonies, Ratatat will put you in a trance. The group also does remixes of other bands/artists' songs, as heard on their Ratatat Remixes album. I'm going to post The Shout Out Louds' remix at the end of the week, so stay alert.

+ Featured songs; "Seven Years" - download here, "Desert Eagle" - download here, "Keep 'Em High (Kanye West Remix)" - download here

Friday, January 06, 2006

arctic monkeys tour dates

The Arctic Monkeys are doing a two week tour in the US in support of the release of Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not due out on February 21st.

3/13 San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall
3/15 Los Angeles, CA - Henry Fonda Theatre
3/17 Austin, TX - La Zona Rosa
3/18 Chicago, IL - The Metro
3/21 Toronto, Ontario - Phoenix Concert Theatre
3/22 Montreal, Quebec - La Sala Rossa
3/23 Boston, MA - Paradise Rock Club
3/25 New York, NY - Webster Hall
3/26 Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church
3/27 Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
3/29 Seattle, WA - Crocodile Café

If you haven't heard any of their material I'm featuring two of their songs. You can preview more on their myspace.

+ Featured songs; "Scummy" (aka "When The Sun Goes Down") - download here, "Dancing Shoes" - download here

+ Featured videos; "Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor" - view here, Morning Becomes Eclectic performance - view here

vhs or beta

I introduce you to VHS or Beta. Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, this quartet supplies music to move to. This band brought you Night On Fire in 2004, which since then has been on heavy rotation for me. I honestly listen to this album atleast once a week.

They revive the eighties retro dance rock and get creative with it. Listening to Night On Fire can put me through a lot of moods, I often feel energetic and sometimes euphoric during the instrumentals.

I uploaded "Night On Fire" and my personal favorite "The Melting Moon". Also, I highly suggest watching their radio performance at Morning Becomes Eclectic. It has a really good interview with the band about halfway through that gives you great detail about the Louisville scene and the history of VHS or Beta.

+ Featured songs; "Night On Fire" - download here, "The Melting Moon" - download here

+ Featured videos; "Night On Fire" - view here, Morning Becomes Eclectic performance - view here

(p.s., Rickenbacker basses are beautiful)

Thursday, January 05, 2006

new order

After watching that trailer for Marie Antoinette I had that "Age Of Consent" song stuck in my head for a good twenty minutes. I can't help but hum the melody to it, it's contagious. So I finally popped in my (The Best Of) New Order CD to help ease my compulsive babble.

It then hit me when I got to track six that I should feature this band for this week's theme. Track six on (The Best Of) New Order is "Bizarre Love Triangle", which is the ultimate indie dance song. The song, which was originally released in 1986, is known to be one of New Order's greatest singles (among many).

So I took the liberty of uploading it for your listening pleasure (if you haven't heard it already obviously, though I'm going to assume/hope that most of you guys already have). As a bonus, I've posted a cover of the song done by Frente!.

+ Featured songs; "Bizarre Love Triangle" - download here, "Bizarre Love Triangle (Frente! Cover)" - download here

marie antoinette

A friend sent me a link to the trailer for the new Sofia Coppola flick, Marie Antoinette. It stars Kirsten Dunst and Jason Schwartzman, and is set in the 18th-century. After watching the trailer, I'm pretty intrigued. Sofia Coppola's Lost In Translation was splendid and I am really looking forward to this. And the fact that New Order's "Age Of Consent" is being used as background music brings a huge smile to my face.

Watch the trailer here. Thoughts?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

mstrkrft & britney spears

So I get this e-mail from The Prettiest Pony informing me of some new MSTRKRFT material that has leaked, which is perfect because I planned to feature them sometime this week. Well, looks like I'm doing it today. MSTRKRFT is the brainchild of Jesse Keeler from Death From Above 1979 and Al-P from Girls Are Short. Together the two make some of the sassiest music ever. You've probably already heard them through various remixes (Metric's "Monster Hospital", Bloc Party's "Two More Years", etc). They are currently working on a Test Icicles remix, as well as one for The Gossip; both of which I'm stoked for. Visit their myspace to preview more.

+ Featured songs; "Easy Love" and "Paris (Unfinished)" - go here, "Little Girl (MSTRKRFT Edition)" - download here

Also, they posted a Britney Spears demo that DFA produced and mixed, but didn't want out (supposedly this was done in 2003 according to these people). It reportedly was "too hip". You be the judge and listen for yourself; Britney Spears - Demo (Produced by DFA) - head here

out hud

In relation to my last post about !!!, here's Out Hud. The sister band to !!!, Out Hud was originally formed around the same time as them in 1996. The steady dance beat rythms along with the energetic pace that Out Hud so perfectly craft will make the shyest, most humble person boogie down.

Let Us Never Speak of It Again indicates that the band is moving in a tech house direction. This is a good thing and I hope they continue persuing this, because at this rate they'll keep churning out hits like there's no tomorrow.

I posted "One Life To Leave" as one of my favorite songs of 2005. I have also uploaded "It's For You" along with it for you to sample.

+ Featured songs; "One Life To Leave" - download here, "It's For You" - download here


Unfortunately, the day I decide to feature !!! is the day I find out that the original drummer for the band, Anthony Mikel Gius had died on December 17th. He was apparently struck by a car while riding his bike. Not good news at all. My condolences to family, friends and fans.

Anthony had helped form the band in the fall of 1996. !!! (usually pronounced chk chk chk) is an experimental dance band derived from former hardcore and funk bands. They released their self-titled debut album in 2000, and Louden Up Now on Touch And Go records last year.

With dark, grimy tempos and attitude, !!! deliver sexual dance music. It's very experimental, but I find it pleasing.

+ Featured songs; "Pardon My Freedom" - download here, "Dear Can" - download here

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I'm going to try and do atleast two dance/electro band features everyday, if time permits. Next up is Styrofoam. Arne van Petegem (top right) is the band's genius, the orchestrator. Nothing Lost, Styrofoam's 2004 release, was nothing short of spectacular. With the collaboration and involvement from band's such as Lali Puna, Das Pop and American Analog Set, Arne was destined to create something great. Ben Gibbard even flew out from Seattle to assist.

The outcome of this was a memorable pop electronic album I think many would enjoy. For fans of bubblegum pop ala The Postal Service.

I've uploaded two of my favorite Styrofoam tracks. I recommend listening to "A Heart Without A Mind (Radio Edit)", it's soft, melodic and easy to get into.

+ Featured songs; "A Heart Without A Mind (Radio Edit)" - download here, "Couches In Alleys (Featuring Ben Gibbard)" - download here

cut copy

Alright, so this week I plan to feature dance/electro bands. I chose this theme because it's the new year and I feel the need to enlighten some with party music.

To start it off properly I begin with Cut Copy. These Austrilian natives released Bright Like Neon Love earlier this year which is a stellar debut album. Even Franz Ferdinand have become fond of this band. It's futuristic pop influenced by the likes of ELO and New Order.

I find myself listening to this album while I'm either riding my bike or walking aimlessly throughout the city. It's just amazing background music that puts a smile to your face. Though it may remind you of music for a car commerical, Cut Copy's song are bound to make your hips shake.

+ Featured songs; "Time Stands Still" - download here, "Saturdays" - download here

+ Featured videos; "Future" - watch here, "Saturdays" - watch here

Visit their myspace to listen to additional songs.

Monday, January 02, 2006

new stuff

I just finished editing the layout for this blog. Hopefully you enjoy the colors. I've been fortunate to start up my video production website again (Adamo Videos;, so I've been as busy as ever. The website layout is a bit bland, and if you can help be sure to contact me. Live videos from bands such as Fear Before The March Of Flames, Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower, Armor For Sleep, Crystal Skulls, Red Sparowes and much much more are instore.

Also, I've got bandwidth. Take advantage of it, all of the recent featured songs are direct downloads. It's nice having that versus using a hosting site.

death from above 1979 live itunes session

In my last post I listed Death From Above 1979's "You're Lovely (But You've Got Problems)" as one of my favorite songs of 2005. Here's where I heard it first; a live iTunes session. I initially got this for "Little Girl", but upon first listening I came across "You're Lovely..". I love this track.

01. Black History Month (4:14)
02. Girl U R Lovely (3:06)
03. Going Steady (2:21)
04. Little Girl (4:27)

+ Featured download; Death From Above 1979 Live iTunes Session - download here

(p.s., fixed the link)

Sunday, January 01, 2006

top ten tracks of 2005

So, 2005 has ended, and a new year has dawned upon us. 2005 brought a lot to the table and for me was a very significant year. I grew a lot, mentally, physically, and most importantly musically. I think my love for music has matured immensely. I've gone through phases of pop-punk to hardcore (both of which I still enjoy to some extent), but have finally found my true love/calling - indie.

I've compiled a list of my ten favorite tracks this year. Not a big list, but these are tracks that I probably played on repeat a million times on my iPod throughout the year. Keep in mind, these are my favorite tracks by themselves, but there are numerous other songs I find amazing on album when played as a whole (ie, Sigur Ros, Red Sparrowes, Broken Social Scene).


1. Voxtrot - "Raised By Wolves" (song)
What can I say? I nabbed this release through indietorrents, and I will be forever grateful. This is my favorite band of 2005. This is my favorite song of 2005. They put out one of the best releases of the year in my opinion.

2. Orange Juice - "Falling And Laughing" (song)
Okay, so this song wasn't written or originally released this year, but Orange Juice's The Glasgow School (a collection of singles and B-Side) was. If you have yet to hear of Orange Juice, I advise you to listen to this song. This is the sound of young Scotland.

3. Tom Vek - "I Ain't Saying My Goodbyes" (song)
This is a hit single right here. The tinny guitar intro draws you. You'll definitely have this stuck in your head by the second or third listen.

4. Out Hud - "One Life To Live" (song)
Infectious dance beat + awesome female vocalist = amazing song.

5. Wolf Parade - "Disco Sheets" (song)
Wolf Parade surely made a mistake by not including this on Apologies To The Queen Mary. This is my favorite Wolf Parade track among all their work. The drumming is just mesmorizing.

6. Death From Above 1979 - "You're Lovely (But You've Got Problems)" (song)
I first heard this song on their live iTunes session. I think it had a 76 play count or so before it was replaced by the Romance Bloody Romance version. I'm just fascinated that Sebastien does both the drums and vocals, as the drumming alone is wicked.

7. Stars - "One More Night" (song)
Rumor has it this band is breaking up, but I'm not one to start gossip. Anyhow, Set Yourself On Fire was a great album and this track stands out. The vocal trade-off intrigues me.

8. Loveninjas - "Meet Me Here" (song)
First Loveninjas song I heard. It was a great introduction to the band. Highly melodic, and has a "Fix You"-like breakdown halfway through the song.

9. Emporer X - "Sfearion" (song)
Chad Methney puts out goooood fucking material. This track reminds me of music off of Lost In Translation. Is it on the soundtrack? haha

10. Okkervil River - "No Key, No Plan" (song)
Almost didn't make it, but this one slipped in. I find the Black Sheep Boy Appendix EP more enjoyful than the LP just for the first four tracks. "...but I'm gonna trrrrrrrrrrrrry"

So there it is. If I extended the list to fifteen or twenty, I'd probably add Shout Out Loud's "The Comeback" (Ratatat remix), some Strokes, Lightning Bolt, Bloc Party and Devendra Banhart. I like what I like and hopefully I've shared music you'll enjoy yourselves.