Friday, January 06, 2006

vhs or beta

I introduce you to VHS or Beta. Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, this quartet supplies music to move to. This band brought you Night On Fire in 2004, which since then has been on heavy rotation for me. I honestly listen to this album atleast once a week.

They revive the eighties retro dance rock and get creative with it. Listening to Night On Fire can put me through a lot of moods, I often feel energetic and sometimes euphoric during the instrumentals.

I uploaded "Night On Fire" and my personal favorite "The Melting Moon". Also, I highly suggest watching their radio performance at Morning Becomes Eclectic. It has a really good interview with the band about halfway through that gives you great detail about the Louisville scene and the history of VHS or Beta.

+ Featured songs; "Night On Fire" - download here, "The Melting Moon" - download here

+ Featured videos; "Night On Fire" - view here, Morning Becomes Eclectic performance - view here

(p.s., Rickenbacker basses are beautiful)


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