Friday, February 03, 2006


I've already listened to Destroyer's new album Destroyer's Rubies and I must say I'm impressed. I've always dug Daniel Bajar's vocal style, if it be through The New Pornographers or Destroyer.

Anyways, here's a CBC Radio Session. I also threw in some new songs off of Destroyer's Rubies. It'll hold you off until the new album drops February 21st.

01. New Ways Of Living (3:15) - (download)
02. Don't Become The Thing You Hated (2:54) - (download)
03. The Music Lovers (4:30) - (download)
04. An Actor's Revenge (2:34) - (download)
05. Notorious Lightning (6:45) - (download)
06. Certain Things You Ought To Know (3:43) - (download)

or download the whole thing here (.rar)

+ Featured downloads; "Rubies" - download here, "European Oils" - download here

add Destroyer on myspace, they don't have many friends.


Blogger Mary said...

I love Destroyer. "The Music Lovers" is beautiful.

2/03/2006 7:40 AM  

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