Sunday, January 01, 2006

top ten tracks of 2005

So, 2005 has ended, and a new year has dawned upon us. 2005 brought a lot to the table and for me was a very significant year. I grew a lot, mentally, physically, and most importantly musically. I think my love for music has matured immensely. I've gone through phases of pop-punk to hardcore (both of which I still enjoy to some extent), but have finally found my true love/calling - indie.

I've compiled a list of my ten favorite tracks this year. Not a big list, but these are tracks that I probably played on repeat a million times on my iPod throughout the year. Keep in mind, these are my favorite tracks by themselves, but there are numerous other songs I find amazing on album when played as a whole (ie, Sigur Ros, Red Sparrowes, Broken Social Scene).


1. Voxtrot - "Raised By Wolves" (song)
What can I say? I nabbed this release through indietorrents, and I will be forever grateful. This is my favorite band of 2005. This is my favorite song of 2005. They put out one of the best releases of the year in my opinion.

2. Orange Juice - "Falling And Laughing" (song)
Okay, so this song wasn't written or originally released this year, but Orange Juice's The Glasgow School (a collection of singles and B-Side) was. If you have yet to hear of Orange Juice, I advise you to listen to this song. This is the sound of young Scotland.

3. Tom Vek - "I Ain't Saying My Goodbyes" (song)
This is a hit single right here. The tinny guitar intro draws you. You'll definitely have this stuck in your head by the second or third listen.

4. Out Hud - "One Life To Live" (song)
Infectious dance beat + awesome female vocalist = amazing song.

5. Wolf Parade - "Disco Sheets" (song)
Wolf Parade surely made a mistake by not including this on Apologies To The Queen Mary. This is my favorite Wolf Parade track among all their work. The drumming is just mesmorizing.

6. Death From Above 1979 - "You're Lovely (But You've Got Problems)" (song)
I first heard this song on their live iTunes session. I think it had a 76 play count or so before it was replaced by the Romance Bloody Romance version. I'm just fascinated that Sebastien does both the drums and vocals, as the drumming alone is wicked.

7. Stars - "One More Night" (song)
Rumor has it this band is breaking up, but I'm not one to start gossip. Anyhow, Set Yourself On Fire was a great album and this track stands out. The vocal trade-off intrigues me.

8. Loveninjas - "Meet Me Here" (song)
First Loveninjas song I heard. It was a great introduction to the band. Highly melodic, and has a "Fix You"-like breakdown halfway through the song.

9. Emporer X - "Sfearion" (song)
Chad Methney puts out goooood fucking material. This track reminds me of music off of Lost In Translation. Is it on the soundtrack? haha

10. Okkervil River - "No Key, No Plan" (song)
Almost didn't make it, but this one slipped in. I find the Black Sheep Boy Appendix EP more enjoyful than the LP just for the first four tracks. "...but I'm gonna trrrrrrrrrrrrry"

So there it is. If I extended the list to fifteen or twenty, I'd probably add Shout Out Loud's "The Comeback" (Ratatat remix), some Strokes, Lightning Bolt, Bloc Party and Devendra Banhart. I like what I like and hopefully I've shared music you'll enjoy yourselves.


Anonymous Alex said...

I agree with that Orange Juice song! They sound great even today..

1/03/2006 2:02 PM  
Blogger cindy hotpoint said...

i love that i, a grumpy 30 year old lady, have the same taste as you, a pretty 17 year old boy. well met, friend. your blog is fantastic.

1/04/2006 2:57 PM  

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