Thursday, January 05, 2006

new order

After watching that trailer for Marie Antoinette I had that "Age Of Consent" song stuck in my head for a good twenty minutes. I can't help but hum the melody to it, it's contagious. So I finally popped in my (The Best Of) New Order CD to help ease my compulsive babble.

It then hit me when I got to track six that I should feature this band for this week's theme. Track six on (The Best Of) New Order is "Bizarre Love Triangle", which is the ultimate indie dance song. The song, which was originally released in 1986, is known to be one of New Order's greatest singles (among many).

So I took the liberty of uploading it for your listening pleasure (if you haven't heard it already obviously, though I'm going to assume/hope that most of you guys already have). As a bonus, I've posted a cover of the song done by Frente!.

+ Featured songs; "Bizarre Love Triangle" - download here, "Bizarre Love Triangle (Frente! Cover)" - download here


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