Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I'm going to try and do atleast two dance/electro band features everyday, if time permits. Next up is Styrofoam. Arne van Petegem (top right) is the band's genius, the orchestrator. Nothing Lost, Styrofoam's 2004 release, was nothing short of spectacular. With the collaboration and involvement from band's such as Lali Puna, Das Pop and American Analog Set, Arne was destined to create something great. Ben Gibbard even flew out from Seattle to assist.

The outcome of this was a memorable pop electronic album I think many would enjoy. For fans of bubblegum pop ala The Postal Service.

I've uploaded two of my favorite Styrofoam tracks. I recommend listening to "A Heart Without A Mind (Radio Edit)", it's soft, melodic and easy to get into.

+ Featured songs; "A Heart Without A Mind (Radio Edit)" - download here, "Couches In Alleys (Featuring Ben Gibbard)" - download here


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