Tuesday, January 03, 2006

cut copy

Alright, so this week I plan to feature dance/electro bands. I chose this theme because it's the new year and I feel the need to enlighten some with party music.

To start it off properly I begin with Cut Copy. These Austrilian natives released Bright Like Neon Love earlier this year which is a stellar debut album. Even Franz Ferdinand have become fond of this band. It's futuristic pop influenced by the likes of ELO and New Order.

I find myself listening to this album while I'm either riding my bike or walking aimlessly throughout the city. It's just amazing background music that puts a smile to your face. Though it may remind you of music for a car commerical, Cut Copy's song are bound to make your hips shake.

+ Featured songs; "Time Stands Still" - download here, "Saturdays" - download here

+ Featured videos; "Future" - watch here, "Saturdays" - watch here

Visit their myspace to listen to additional songs.


Blogger ... said...

Hey - I saw those guys live. They were pretty good.

Nice blog!

1/03/2006 3:33 PM  

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