Monday, January 23, 2006

pretty girls make graves

I saw Pretty Girls Make Graves play about three years ago on the UC Santa Cruz campus. I hadn't heard of them before that, so I didn't know what to expect. Being the little fourteen year old kid I was, I had virgin ears to such music. It was a free show held by the local radio station and to my surprise had a big draw.

I think this band was a major influence for me and made a big impact to my musical taste shift. Andrea Zollo just has an amazing voice. It really fits the mood and persona the band is trying to emit.

I just recently got a hold of Elan Vital and I'm really disappointed. Who knows, maybe it'll grow on me, but the first listen through I'm not enthusiastic over it. Maybe I'm just too fond of New Romance and Is It Broken Doctor?.

They are playing a free show in Berkeley on February 14th. I'll be there.

+ Featured songs; "Wildcat" - download here, "Speakers Push The Air" - download here, "Chemical, Chemical" - download here

+ Featured video; "All Medicated Genuises" - view here

In other news, Gorilla vs. Bear posted a song from Sparrow House (solo Voxtrot), which I highly recommend. I've been playing it on repeat all day.


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Ohhhh you LOVE MEWEEEE. you really wuv meeeeeeee

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