Thursday, December 29, 2005

elvis costello

Elvis Costello, oh Elvis Costello. I don't think I even have to introduce this musician. He's done so much in his lifetime, that you couldn't possibly miss hearing of him. He's been a tremendous musician for the past two or three decades. Recording and putting out monstrous albums such as This Year's Model (my personal favorite, I have the two disc set; highly recommended), Armed Forces, Spike, and Brutal Youth, Elvis Costello will forever be remembered by me.

Anyways, Elvis Costello, along with an orchestra, will be performing through selected cities starting in March. I'm definitely not going to miss this when they come around to San Francisco and I advise you to do the same if it comes near your area. You may check out tour dates on his website here. He will be playing with some of the finest symphonies in the US and have the show cut into two halves (first half playing work from II Sogno, second half playing his pop hits).

If you are unfamiliar with Elvis Costello or want to preview some of his songs, I have uploaded three of his biggest hits.

+ Featured songs; "Pump It Up" - download here, "Allison" - download here, "No Action" - download here

(p.s., no more megaupload since I do have bandwidth, so enjoy the direct downloads!)


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